Anne Gregersen was born in 1994 in Aarhus, Denmark in the middle of a festival. Since then, her life has been a series of exciting events stacked on top of each other so perilously that they are always moments away from toppling over. Between summers spent at commune campsites and winters exploring the snow-covered fields of her village home, Anne found adventure wherever she went.

Incurably addicted to exploring the worlds conjured by her own adolescent mind, she found a creative outlet in fiction writing which later turned into a career path of RPG game design as she entered adulthood.

She is currently working on getting her Master’s in Digital Design at the University of Aarhus. When she’s not busy studying, she writes fantasy fiction and designs content for the table-top roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. She even enjoys it, when she’s not pulling her hair out over nonsensical story arcs.