A Night of Fright! 2: The Lich’s Ghost

Mystery LLC is back! They’ve arrived in the town of Haven to participate in the yearly harvest festival—only to find a ghostly lich is stealing people! Can our heroes unravel Haven’s secrets before the spectre of Cera Brightmoon totally harshes everyone’s good time?

A Night of Fright! 2: The Lich’s Ghost is a parodic one-shot adventure designed to be played over four to six hours. Creepy stuff is going on in Haven, and Mystery LLC is on the case! This is a free-form investigation game where players’ deductive skills will be put to the test. And also it’s really pretty silly: possible encounters include a giant turkey, a man-eating plant, and a particularly aggressive gym membership sales pitch. There are also a lot of references to horror and comedy stuff, as well as a few cameos by fan-favorite characters!

Available now on DMsGuild for $6.95

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