Supers & Sorcery

Welcome to Beacon, a glowing metropolis sitting on an ancient alien world surrounded by portals from across the multiverse! Coming to you from Daylight Publications, our debut setting offers you high fantasy adventure with comic-book level action and excitement. From an all new class to original subclasses, new races to a new Origins system, and above all the new setting of Beacon and the planet of Ghaistala – Supers & Sorcery comes from a simple question: how would you do costumed vigilantes in a medieval setting?

The populace of Beacon has a propensity for power. Waves of energy known as arkwaves ripple through the cosmos every twenty years, instilling strange abilities seemingly at random. But beyond that, the people themselves often strive for greatness through engineering and physical prowess. Beacon is a shining city on a hill but with a seedy underbelly. The Portaleers safeguard the city, but even they can’t be everywhere at once. And sometimes even heroes fall.

Available now on DriveThruRPG for $19.95

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